Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I choose Google Chrome as my elective exam to complete my certification. In order not to leave anything to chance, I carefully reviewed the basics and advanced lessons. It was really awesome to both remind myself of some of the things I knew and to also learn even more. The following are some new knowledge from chrome lessons:

Google Chrome Omnibox is more than just a search bar. It can be used as a dictionary, world clock and many more. You can even add more custom searches to it.

You can bookmark multiple pages and put them in a folder. This certainly makes reading and researching so convenient and you can quickly continue where you left off.

I had fun changing my chrome browser into different themes. Pretty cool stuff.

This test was actually the easiest for me. The only one I got 90%. The best was saved for last.

I am very happy to have gone through with Google educator certification. These exams made me very nervous but I learned so much about Google Apps and am ready to share my knowledge with anybody who is interested in Google.

Click HERE to view my results.

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